Telling stories through frames
Stories behind facades and frames. Inspired by Marwan Bassiouni’s Dutch Views, I want to offer a window into curiosity and the feeling of connection to home and the other. Both in Lebanon and in various villages in the Netherlands, I captured doors and frames that I'm fascinated by. What stories are happening hidden in these windows? Every house has a character that reflects the character of its owner. The frames are not simply photographs; they are architectural compositions, each telling its own story.
The focus on windows and doors becomes symbolic, representing not only physical passageways but also metaphorical thresholds. These frames are gateways to my inner dialogue about identity, cultural hybridity and the pursuit of a place to call home. Each photograph becomes a chapter in a story that navigates the complexities of dual identity, searching for a connection and a home.
In this series, I want to open a dialogue about the universal human experience of seeking connection and understanding. The series reflects my dual background and resonates with anyone who occasionally struggles with the question of where and to whom they truly belong. The series becomes a testament to the idea that sometimes the search for home is not about finding a specific place, but about discovering a state of being.
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