Immigration | Social pressure | Family
Dutch | Arabic  

The grass always seems greener on the other side. Raised with the belief that the Netherlands is not the final destination, the first-generation immigrants from the Middle East find it challenging to feel at home in the West. Despite their parents move for a better life for them, they are constantly torn between the hope of returning to their homeland and the pursuit of a brighter future in the West.
This theatrical production explores the search for a better future in the West and the paradoxical yearning for the homeland left behind. The narrative delves into the struggle of never truly feeling at home, grappling with the conflicting demands of gratitude for the opportunities in the West, the pursuit of a career, the preservation of culture and faith, all while navigating the expectations of parents and family.
The play takes the audience on a journey experienced by personal experiences as an immigrant in the West, fostering recognition and, hopefully, reassurance that we all are immigrants in life, and not only immigrants themselves. It sheds light on the loneliness of the immigrant experience, emphasising that the journey is shared by many, creating a sense of connection and understanding.
 Droom niet van mijzelf

Ik draag een droom niet van mijzelf
Ik draag een persoon, niet ikzelf 
Gemaakt van stenen uit een andere tijd
Onderweg naar het onbekende 
Verwachtingen gebroken
En zeeën overgestoken 
Je kijk toe, je kijkt mij aan
Stilte bijt tussen ons, verdovend, dus ik praat 
Mijn woorden verliezen weer hun pad
Net als mij en de droom die jij ooit voor mij had