Escape Phoetry​​​​​​​
Escape poetry is an exhibition where the soul is captured and words are the only way to escape.
Captured in in the mind. Captured in time. Captured where you’re standing right now. If we fight for escape every day, aren’t we captive in our own escape?
one with the night

let me escape my mind
hide from my thoughts
the loop is round
with a maze inside
the only option is losing
and each corner is filled
with even darker thoughts
you have to keep moving
otherwise, you’ll fall behind
you’ll become blind
to every source of light
you’ll become one with the night
because you can’t win the fight
so, the only option is to hide
in the shadow of the darkness you find
Castle of Times

who has time, talks about it
who has a little time, is controlled by it
who knows everything, is robbing time
who doesn’t have time, is prisoned by it
who is late, is led by time
who is early, is too eager
who is on time, bites
no hurry, everything in its own time
let the time be a river
where you sit on its shore
and watch his high stream
yesterday is today’s memory
and tomorrow is today’s dream
lost souls

souls looking for escape
streaming through ravines
trying to change fate
not aware fate is set
souls chasing freedom
as believing in freedom
will get them to be free
you will not be free
if pursuing freedom
is all you can be
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